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About Us

Handog Natin (Tagalog/Filipino word meaning "Our Gift") is an organization that envisions to create unity amongst Filipinos in UK as well as giving our share towards life improvement of our ''kababayans''(countrymen) in the Philippines. We are a non-stock, non-profit organization aiming to provide medical,educational, social, moral and spiritual support to underprivileged Filipinos back home. Handog Natin  organizes fund-raising programs and solicit funds from our members, individuals, groups and business firms through cash / cheque donations or regular contributions by means of direct-debit, standing orders and other automated credits. All proceeds will be used for funding the Handog Natin outreach programs in the Philippines in associations with the Non-Government Organizations, Allied Sectors, Volunteers, Members and other Charity Organizations.

Our organisation is proud of carrying out its missions solely by our own trustees and members in as much as possible by identifying, facilitating, coordinating, supervising and conducting outreach projects and missions ourselves. Our volunteers consist mostly of family members, colleagues, close friends and trusted individuals who are local residents to areas where the missions are undertaken.

Our Vision

We aim to create unity amongst Filipinos in UK and to give our share towards the improvement of life for our "kababayans''(countrymen) in the Philippines.

Our Mission

To provide and support outreach programs towards better quality of life of Filipinos in need.


Our Programs
Disaster Relief Assistance

Provide assistance and support to areas affected by natural or other kind of calamity.


Identify Community and its needs for suitable income generating livelihood projects (ie handicraft, poultry raising) and provide training, capital and follow-up support.

Educational Assistance

Provide grants, equipments and paraphernalia to help advance and promote education in identified public learning institution and chosen individuals.

Medical Assistance

To identify areas and provide funds for medical missions and equipments in coordination with Department of Health and local NGOs.

Board of Trustees

Edward Allen Lopez                                                                Gilbert Mercene

 Catherine Casas                                                                      Rossini Carbungco

Ronald Cortez                                                                          Macarthur Calica

Abel Lim                                                                          Al"Bong" Dela Cerna


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Registered Charity Number 1116234