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Handog Natin Housing Project Update :

Almost a year has passed since the strongest ever recorded typhoon 'Haiyan/Yolanda' hit our beloved Phillipines , claimed thousands of lives, destroyed homes, livelihood and left millions homeless and helpless. Despite of it all we witnessed the resilience of the people of Leyte,where the most number lives claimed and properties destroyed. With the help of the local and international communities, slowly we are aiding our people rebuild their lives and hopeful that one day the...y will once more see the light of the day and carry on from the pain Haiyan/Yolanda has left behind. As you may recall, we were all have been part of helping our countrymen during the rebuilding process.With your help and generosity, we were able to provide the people of Palo, Leyte and Balasan,Ilo-ilo immediate relief goods. And through the selfless act by our head volunteer Captain Jason Plazuela, who despite being a victim himself and his family, opted to help his town and its people by spearheading all of Handog Natin's projects, from distributing relief goods to several areas in Leyte and personally supervised the building of 'Bahay Kubos'/ Native huts to areas mostly affected by the typhoon together with volunteers Chito Pascual, Ray Lago & Dennis Ballon. Thank you so much for all your help in making this a big success. To date, the following families benefited from newly-built huts:

1. Ernesto Tanola

2. Tennie Laboac

3. Anierose Lansaque

4. Rosal Canasares

5. Romeo Daroy

6. Ligaya Malibago

7.Noli Remandaban

8. Lily Gonzaga

9. Ben Plazuela

10. Felimon Pardilla

11. Lino Escarda

12. Edwin Maraya

13. Flordeliza Tomlos

14. Narding Corrales

15. Dekdek Potazo

16. Rhea Gonzaga

17. Alex Redodla

18. Claro Lago

19. Allison Paete

20. Leo Villas

Building materials were also given to help rebuild the houses of the following families:

Melchor Pascual

Allan Amante

Laura Songalia

Neil Pedrosa

Mabuhay at Maraming Salamat po!





Sacred Heart Church Hall, Coventry

Another successful event for the Typhoon "Haiyan/Yolanda" survivors was held last 18th of January 2014. The "FUNDRAISING FETE IN AID OF PHILIPPINES RELIEF" headed by Dr SANJANA SRIDHARAN and Mr CHARLIE FERNANDEZ was given the full support by the whole staff and friends from the CALUDON CENTRE,COVENTRY & WARWICKSHIRE PARTNERSHIP NHS TRUST. The day was celebrated with local performers both from the centre staff and their families as well as volunteer groups from Coventry. There were Tea-cake sales, Bric-A-Brac, Raffles and games to keep everyone entertained as well as a variety of Filipino, Indian and other delicacies were available to taste! It was a great day for charity indeed! This event generated the amount of 1,007.27 and was handed over to HANDOG NATIN CHARITY to be used for the ongoing shelter project and future rehabilitation missions in Leyte,Philippines.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for this very kind gesture from all the Staff of Caludon Centre, and for taking time out and reaching out to the typhoon survivors in the Philippines. Special thanks goes to Dr Sanjana Sridharan for making it all possible. Thank you very much to all those who came and took part on this fundraising event and made it a big success!


The first 3 'Bahay Kubos' built and have been handed over to the families.



JANUARY 2014 : Leyte Mission Stage 2 - Re-housing project

Handog Natin's biggest and most ambitious project so far! We were able to facilitate and commissioned the building of twenty (20) shelters for the victims of typhoon 'Yolanda/Haiyan'. These 'Bahay Kubo' (Filipino native huts) are being built on the coastal barrio (village) of San Joaquin in Palo, Leyte where it was very unfortunate they had the most number of casualties from the recent disaster and sadly, the survivors who have lost their homes were reduced to living along roadsides using tents donated by international aids or improvised tents and tarpaulins collected from the rubbles.

These newly- built shelters costing an average 17,500 pesos each (around 240) were partly made using materials readily found around the vicinity such as wood from fallen coconut trees for its lumber frames. The roofs are new corrugated galvanised iron sheets, walls from 'Amakan' (weaved bamboo sheaths) or plywood and flooring made of plywood or' kawayan'(bamboo). The villagers helped out during the construction process, thus, a true "Bayanihan" spirit! The survivors who have been affected the most and lost their love ones were chosen as beneficiaries of these 'Bahay kubos'. We have also gave away building materials to selected families whose houses were badly ruined.

The exemplary leadership of our head volunteer and ever dependable ship Captain Jason Plazuela steered this mission to success much to the community's appreciations. The concept and design for these shelters were also from Captain Jason and his family of seafarers.

Once again, thank you for believing in us. This very successful project will not be possible without the help of our UK & Philippine volunteers. Those who donated generously in cash, in kinds, your time, efforts and hard work. Those who initiated their own fund raising for our charity and those who took part in our fund raising events. Your well wishes, prayers. Thank you very much kind- hearted people from UK and other parts of the world for your compassion to help the typhoon victims in the Philippines. The community of San Joaquin extends their warmest gratitude.

Maraming maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.

Sa mga kababayan natin sa Leyte, nawa'y ang munting handog namin na ito ay magbigay pag-asa at munting ligaya sa inyo. Katuwang ninyo kami sa inyong pagbangon!(Tagalog)

Daghan kaayong salamat!!! Sa atong mga kaigsoonan dinhi sa Leyte,hinaot pa unta nga kining gamay nga regalo gikan kanamo maghatag ug dugang paglaom ug kalipay ninyo...ka alyado ninyo kami sa inyong pagbangon!(Visaya)


Typhoon victims update:

E-mail from Elsie Rodas & Richard Dune, our Nurses from Coventry, UK- who visited our 'Handog Natin Shelter Project' site at San Joaquin, Palo, Leyte......

On Sun, 5/1/14, Richard Dune wrote:

"Hope you are well. I'm not sure if you saw the email below, which I sent on the 6th Jan. The situation in San Joaquin is pretty bad and the building materials and hardware have indeed gone up as people are traveling as far down south as Maasin to hoard and resell in the affected areas.

We went to Tacloban via Ormoc and Palo, then back along the other side of the coast - the whole round trip is a lot worse than you can imagine, especially the destruction, suffering and trauma people have gone through and are still experiencing. Honestly, hard working people have been literally reduced to beggars depending on daily handouts. I have never seen such suffering!

We met Jason and despite his own challenges, being a victim himself and having lost friends and relatives, he is working on the building project one piece of wood and roofing sheet at a time. Palo and most of Tacloban is completely decimated, with only a few houses still standing so most people are making do with tents from international aid organizations, some setting up makeshift homes by the roadside next to strewn ruins of their former homes and around the church next to the large mass burial site that has become the final resting place for 400-500 of their relatives and peers (apparently over 300 remain unaccounted for in Palo alone).

We need to raise more money for basic structures as they are better than tents and provide families with something more tangible until the government and civic planners come up with a rehabilitation strategy. I know its impossible to solve everyone's problems but one structure costs about 250 and trust me, IT'S BADLY NEEDED as thousands of families have absolutely nothing but the clothes on their backs and one family helped = one less thing to worry about for several people.

Elsie will send you pictures in the next few days and we can catch up on Skype whenever its convenient for you. Jason send his regards to you.







December 5,2013 -The 1st stage of Handog Natin Relief Mission was conducted in an orderly manner at Barangay Sta Elena where 350 families received goods consisting of rice, canned foods, laundry & bath soaps, chocolate drinks,etc. This barangay (village) in Leyte is one of many communities severely damaged by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and is still in need of assistance with basic necessities. This has been possible through the coordination, hard work and heroic effort of Handog Natin's volunteer, Ship Captain Jason Plazuela and his family from Palo, Leyte . We thank each and everyone who contributed to this cause especially the organisers and participants of the recent Fund- Raising Evening done in Coventry , UK last 24th of November. Through your help, we were able to reach out to them and made this relief mission truly a success. Watch out for the next stage of our mission. Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat!!!





November 24,2013 - Handog Natin volunteers headed by Mrs Caridad Carbungco and family successfully handed out relief goods to 300 families who were victims of the strongest typhoon that ever made landfall in history a fortnight ago.Our unfortunate 'kababayans' (countrymen) were treated with basic relief goodies that they needed urgently to supply their daily needs. Handog Natin's initial drive to collect donations from Charity cans that were distributed to different areas and were supported generously by staff from University Hospital Coventry and friends from other business premises. We would like to thank everyone who contributed and made our Relief Mission in Ilo-ilo possible at the earliest possible time. This operation happened at the same day as the Coventry Fundraising Evening organised by the Filipino Community and friends from UK.Its success has made it possible to carry on with the next plan for another Relief Operation for Tacloban, Leyte at the earliest time possible as well as Medical Missions in these two areas very soon. Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat!





Coventry, UK -November 24,2013 - A very meaningful evening of sharing, giving and caring, all for a common cause to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. Indeed a true Filipino spirit of 'Bayanihan' at its finest.A historic event of people from different races coming together as one, and to be one in the true essence of camaraderie.
Taos puso kaming nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng dumalo at nakiisa sa gabing ito.
We wholeheartedly thank each and everyone who took time and showed support and generosity on this very momentous event. The exemplary effort and hard work of the organisers headed by Vida Banares-Kidger and Arlene Calica, along with Arlette Hoderial, Bong dela Cerna, Catherine,Arcelyn,Noe,Jude,Ethel, Marilyn Conneely (Marilyn's Sari-sari Store) and the rest of the team made it all an evening to remember.
The success of this event would not have been possible if not for the help and selfless generosity of Mrs Murphy and the staff of St Gregory's Primary School Coventry.
The evening was filled with an abundance of filipino and equally sumptuous variety of food contributed and shared by everyone. We were also very lucky having been audience to highly gifted individuals who performed and shared their superb talents through the night , all for charity, headed by Ross Darby and his bands along with our very own Jeannete, Hardy & Albert.
The generous sponsors who gave away fantastic prizes at the raffles added to this great evening. This very successful event has generated a sub-total of 4,349.00 which has been handed over to Handog Natin Charity to help conduct and facilitate the relief operations and medical missions for the people of Tacloban,Leyte and Northern Ilo-ilo.
Again, to all of you who helped made this evening a truly magnificent and meaningful one, may you all be blessed and the care and generosity you have shown in this time of need, comes back to you in ten folds!
In behalf of Handog Natin Charity and the typhoon victims in the Philppines.....
Maraming, maraming at maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat! Mabuhay kayong lahat!




As we all have witnessed the massive destruction brought about by the strongest ever recorded super typhoon Haiyan(local name Yolanda) to our beloved Philippines, our prayers and wishes goes to our countrymen who suffered the most in this tragedy. With the lost of hundreds of lives and thousands of homes, the scale of damage is beyond comprehension as witnessed by the entire world.

We accept donations through the charity account
Barclays Bank Plc, Coventry High Street Branch
PO Box 2, 25 High Street Coventry CV1 5QZ
Account Name: HANDOG NATIN
Account No.: 23639282
Branch Code: 20-23-55

You can also send cheques or transfer money via online banking ,through Paypal or setup a Standing Order.



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